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3 Simple Steps (tested and proven) to earning up to $100,000 USD a year.

*No prior knowledge or experience needed. All you need is a passion for fleet management!

Vehicle tracking in a box. 

Everything you need. In one place.

Starting a vehicle tracking company has never been easier. With Skyfy's patented Vehicle Tracking System (VTS), you can get your vehicle tracking company up and running in as little as 3 days!

Our technology allows your clients to track their vehicles 24/7 with complete peace of mind.

Our technology stack includes physical GPS trackers, a whitelabeled vehicle tracking dashboard with customised company logins and training videos to ensure 100% customer success with the software.

Start Your Vehicle Tracking Company

No need to worry about developing costly software or figure out complicated hardware integrations. 

We provide you the software and hardware you need to be a vehicle tracking all-star.

Get Started with 3 Simple Steps:

We do preliminary checks on your company's background and qualification.

We bring you through our reseller onboarding program with live training and demonstrations.

The sky is the limit! 

What you sell is what you get!

Step 1: Register

Step 2: Onboard

Step 3: Sell

The Advantages You Get:

We do preliminary checks on your company's background and qualification.

Use industry grade Teltonika vehicle trackers that pings even when engine is offline. 

Full access to our complete library of training videos, manuals and documentation. 

Vehicle Tracking Dashboard

GPS Tracking Devices

Training. Support. Success.

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